Monday 23 September 2013

Monday Slideshow (Sept #3)

Oh dear...try as I might, I can not get a slideshow together...OMG how rubbish am I?  The good news is I am feeling heaps better today...heaps!  So I can't blame that. 

But I did waste lots of time today (and last week) dealing with our Health Insurance Company, who 'forgot' (like you do) to take our monthly allotments for the last 5 months.  Yep we have had no private health coverage for 5 months because of a glitch in their system.  And before anyone dares say 'you must have realised you weren't paying it'. No we didn't, we had seen the first payment go out when it was re-started after our return from the USA, we had received our new cards, we had been getting mail from them since March for goodness sake!  And with the amount of money that has been coming and going (mostly going) in this household from various accounts due to the ongoing reno...NO we hadn't noticed that one monthly payment had not continued.  It turns out to be a massive fault with their system and for that they are so ridiculously apologetic it is not funny.  They have back dated all our payments by crediting our account, (if not we would have had to begin again with all the wait lists applying as though we were new customers, even though, before now, we've paid every allotment for the last 11 years).  I had three phone calls from managers today all assuring me that my case has changed the way they do things across the board and how profusely sorry they are that the ball had been so carelessly dropped, and only, ONLY picked up because I had rung about another issue.  So yep certain folk have the wind up them right now and at a guess I would say a full audit will probably be taking place to ensure all customers are covered right now.

Anyway I hadn't actually meant to rave on about that, it was more a pathetic excuse as to why I can't get my slideshow sorted today.  We spent the weekend on our beloved 'Suburb in the Sea', Magnetic Island.  I have a half-written post all about the Island but when I came to uploading the photo's I had HUGE technical issues.  Those technical issues that are baffling, like the computer picking and choosing the resolution as it transferred pictures...what the??!!  It made no sense and threw me the big Island post will have to come at a later date when I sort my photo problems.

So in order to have some kind of visual candy for you I thought I'd add a few random photo's of some of the things I get up to in this town.  Two of my favourite pastimes (when I am not on the phone to insurance companies) are dump shopping and photographing sights I see, so I combined the two!!  As you know from the last post, I am partial to frequenting auction houses and thrift stores and the dump shop is no exception.  I love nothing more than taking an old piece of furniture or other lovely piece (in fact I would much rather a re-purposed piece than new) and giving it new life.  I LOVE it, I would do it full time if I could.  Our daughter's cot was found on council tip day on the side of the road and I INSISTED (you don't mess with a 5 month pregnant lady) that I have it.  Col was so embarrassed he waited till it was dark and dragged it home.  I cleaned, sanded and painted that cot so well it was beautiful when it was finished and we both loved it.  Since then I have bought loads of old things and made them new, maybe enough for another post one day...but for now here are a few of the things that have caught my eye recently.. this wonderful old balustrade that we pondered getting for our back stairs

There are so many things in this shot that I would love to buy and re-furbish.  I can see futures in things. 

  •  The trolley on the left, painted in a glossy emerald colour, with a timber top added to the cross bars and hooks underneath to hang all your gardening supplies.  Would make a lovely portable potting table
  • The bookcase to the right, sanded and painted in a bright red or pink gloss would be a lovely addition to a kids play room

Awww all these old bikes.  I am sure there are some kids that would love to have these to 'do up' and make their own

This shot just reminds me of a scene from Priscilla Queen of the Dessert


I may even go back for one of these casement windows, friend of ours (think last post.. chopper pilot) have a mirror in their bathroom made from one of these and it is fabulous, I may very well copy! 
  • Knock out that fragile, old glass, take it back to the beautiful, old, silky oak frame that's hiding underneath, stain/seal it and add mirrors back into the panes...gorgeous!
 It always amazes me how many crutches are at the tip, I am sure someone would find a new use for them but it has me stumped!  They just seem to breed at the dump shop.

And this...well I am not sure what I would do with it, but I still love the shot.

Do you love tip/dump/second-hand store shopping or, like Col, do you think I am just weird?  We would love to know!

Have a great week everyone..

PS - today when I went to pick up Col's dry cleaning, right next door is this store, I felt like breaking out in a stupid, repetitive, dance but as I am so behind the times and don't actually know the moves, there were so many people around I just got my camera out instead...!


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