Tuesday 29 December 2015

The Year That Disappeared...

Also known as "we haven't written diddly on the blog for months!"

Where on earth did this year go - well a lot of it was consumed by our renovation; and our blogging of said reno evaporated between work, family, study and school. I dip my hat to Caroline from West End Cottage because delivering weekly updates while in the process of project managing a reno and raising a family is an achievement in its own right. And while we have failed miserably in the blogging, I want to start loading some photos and writing brief blog posts where possible as I think it is important to finish documenting our (still a work in progress) renovation. 

Our biggest achievement has been the extension - building in the two car garage to deliver a new Master Suite, complete with ensuite and walk in robe, as well as a separate storage area at the front of the house for the bikes and frequently accessed items. And when I say we, I mean Kate, as this build has been her responsibility and she has done a grand job in delivering our new 'digs'. So below is a photo journal taking us through from construction starting to fit out commencing...

Adult lego building blocks arrive

Front 'Before'

The blockies begin their magic

Initial block-work complete

New window ledge laid for Master Suite

New slab laid for Master Suite

Studs going up
(New Storeroom at front)

New Walk-in Robe

The Boss oversees construction

Master bedroom back to door to house

Stud wall separates storeroom from bedroom

New wall cavity for Smart TV

Plasterboard rough fit out

Master Bedroom

Plaster and Insulation fit out (WIR)

Ensuite Window Cavity

Villa-board fit out in ensuite

Bring on the mud and sanding

Priming, sealing and undercoating

Ensuite floor tiles down

Windows fitted and lock-up complete

New storeroom to right (before roller door fitted)

As you can see some progress has been made!! Thanks to all who have followed our shenanigan's so far and from all of us in the land of Sunshine and Paint Pots - Happy Festivus, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year. 

We'll try to be better bloggers as we get jobs done in 2016... we promise?!

Cheers, Col