Monday 16 September 2013

Monday Slideshow (Sept #2)

I have decided to employ the K.I.S.S strategy for our Monday Slideshows, (I am all for keeping it simple) pictures with a few simple captions.  We had visitors arriving this weekend, the children's Grandparents from Deniliquin in NSW, so other than a huge fish and chip dinner on The Strand this Saturday (I forgot to take a piccie) we didn't venture out far this weekend.  So this slideshow will be my (previous) week in pictures...have a great one everybody!

Each day I was on a mission to finish painting the skirting and door frames
In my search for the best technique to use roller/brush/both??! (which the jury is still out on, I think personal preference prevails in this) I stumbled across a fab new website called LiveLoveDIY check it out, I fear it may be my latest 'time waster'!
With the paint fest came both good and bad news, the good being that I got almost ALL the trim work done, the bad was that each day ended in Advil, gloss paint plays havoc with my head!
Every second Tuesday of the month is 'local's get in free day' at the Museum of Tropical Queensland
The children love to go to the rain forest room and muck about after school for a while
After a trip to a different Woolies this week I felt like I'd hit the jackpot, Twiglets, Revels, Minstrels and Pot Noodles!!  Whoohooooo!!  Yes I bought some of everything, and yes it is all gone already :o(
Every Thursday I go to the local auction house to see what they have on offer, I love to stick around for the weeks auction and see what sort of shite lovely, useful things people buy

This week I got there early, only me in the whole room, so I had first pick
And look what I found.. a cute, almost brand new Jack and Jill seat, ideal for our poolside

Red and Poppy immediately had to check out the new addition

Perfectly positioned in the shade of the afternoon sun, and it was only $65!
Also on my list last week was to update the entertaining area, to take it from looking like this, to something a bit more user friendly.  I got stuck into it but I'll have to show you more on that soon.
And last but not least, our Jay-Tay was feeling a little bit left out with the lack of her own personal blog presence.  So to keep everyone happy in the House of Sunshine I thought I'd better add in this little shot.

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