House Tour - Current Renovation

Our Current Renovation (Mid Seventies Low Set Masonry Block Home)

Don't start looking at homes for sale on the weekend because you never know where it will lead... in our case it led to us buying this mid seventies home in the beach side suburb of Pallarenda.

More details to follow here soon, but for now, go for a stroll and check out the new place !

Needs No Explanation !

Street View

'Back Yard' (More like 'Side Yard')

The Pool - How Very Eighties !
(Wasn't put in until 1980)

Front Entrance complete with Ships Bell
(we must be near the ocean!)

Front Entry

Living Room
(you can never have too much yellow)

Kitchen with 'Pop' of Red !?


Dining Room
(more yellow ?!)


(back down to Kitchen)

Guest Bedroom
(Beautiful Carpet)

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Master Bedroom
(future Rumpus)

 Outdoor Entertaining Area

Double Garage
Future Master Bedroom, Ensuite & Study
(Have you ever seen a mosaic tiled garage floor ?!)

Rear of House
(Future Shed location)

'Our Beach' - Looking to Cape Pallarenda

'Our Beach' - Looking Back to Castle Hill

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