Monday 9 September 2013

Didn't you know Monday is the 'new' Sunday?? (Sept#1)

Ooops, we are not doing very well with this whole 'consistent blogging' thing are we!?  I think it's been two weeks since our last confession entry!  I truly admire all those fab bloggers out there who manage to keep things up to date by posting daily...geez even once a week is full on!!   Seriously we thought the Sunday Slideshow thing would be a breeze, but we often find that by the time the day has ended and we have used up every bit of light available for the days gardening/washing/painting etc we are then on to dinners (always a roast on Sunday in this house A.L.W.A.Y.S) and getting ready for the working/school week so our Sunday Slideshows were, well 'sliding' back each night til it was soooo late we ran out of time to post them.  So we are trialing Monday Slideshows instead!  Col cannot take any blame though, he is working full time training in his new job AND he has managed to find time to start writing again for Seeking Alpha, a financial analysis website based in the USA.  (Click here to read more about Seeking Alpha and access Col's articles)  His study begins again next week too, so he is well and truly off the radar for a while in this household.  On top of that he has spent all weekend in the yard, cleaning and filling the trailer, getting rid of loads of rubbish from our recent demo's so my hat, once again, goes off to him.  Well done! 

So what the heck have I been doing then?  The answer is a bit of everything, literally.  In the last few weeks I have been tying up the last few big huge outdoor projects, finishing off the painting of the interior, planting and organising areas for more vegies, and trying to make our entertainment area worthy of...entertaining! We have also changed the girls rooms around to make them more user friendly/age appropriate or 'sophisticated' in Sasha's words.  Poppy has been in her own room for a while now but it hasn't yet been properly finished. Until now. In amongst all that Poppy and I have been doing lots of craft and science projects and of course Reef School.  We have also had 3 trips to the library in the last 7 days alone as she has just learnt to read and is in awe of the library, declaring it 'the best place to visit on EARTH' the other day as we pulled up outside.  And Sasha has been busy training for her Irish Dance competitions coming up and dancing her heart out at a performance for her Irish Dance School.  She also tried her hand at a Sailing Class last week, which she LOVED!! So yes I have been mega busy and unfortunately the blog has been the one to suffer!!
So to give you a little visual snapshot of the bigger projects that we'll cover in the up coming weeks, and some fun shots of all the other activities that make up our week here is the new Monday Slideshow Sept #1! 

We are not the only ones who cherish the last drop of sunlight, Beau our beautiful Ragdoll makes sure he is in the optimum position each afternoon as the sun goes down

We had a few days of a door to nowhere at the back steps...
Followed by a few days of a door to nowhere at the front!
My yard was taken over by timber, steel, cement and trailers!
 Out with the old carport....
and in with the (materials to build the) new...
I got my trusty ladder and paint trays out again...
 and said goodbye to last of the murky cream...with all the interior walls now finished! Hoorarrrrr!
 Sasha had her first concert performance with her dance school
 She loved it, as always, and watched Lord of the Dance for days afterwards
She also tried her hand at sailing and totally rocked that too!  She may be pint sized but that little girl absorbs and retains everything she is taught.
Unfortunately I had to meet our tradies at home so missed seeing Sasha going out on the time!
 Poppy is also at home on the sand, she asks to go to the beach daily
 ..she got to help push the boats in at the end of the lesson
 Sadly our giant sunflower had seen better days and we thought we'd harvest it
 More on that another time, Poppy cried ;(
We made volcanoes one day...
and went digging for dino's too

She also continued her Reef School program, choosing Sea Turtles this week
 And Leopard Sharks last week
But mostly she has been doing this
 Last but not least, my buddy Red and I got to go on a few walks in between the madness and chaos, he has gotten quite used to riding up front with me...Col is not quite so used to it ;)
Well that's it for now, we shall be back this week at some point with a longer post on our stairs and car port upgrade. Have a fab week people.
I will leave you with a clip of our Sasha kicking off the start of their performance (followed by the fabulous seniors at her school) at the recent concert.

Ciao for now
K x


  1. I'm hearing you about being busy ALL the time. Don't you wonder what you used to do with yourself before you had kids? And to renovate at the same time as keeping up with all their activities - it's a wonder anything actually gets done at all. Love the dancing! xx

  2. It's busy alright Caroline, I've been relegated to late night comment responder !! It's amazing how much Kate has gotten done in-between running renovations and chasing the girls around :-)

    Cheers, Col