Friday 20 February 2015

Time to relax...

After a pretty solid six week block of renovating projects consuming all our free time we made a point of taking Scotty's instructions on The Block ("Tools down!") and having a min break at home. We were long overdue to take some time out to unwind and recharge the batteries.

Kate and I had a dinner date for Valentine's Day and headed on out to the Heritage Bar for cocktails and entrees. Gin and Tonic for her, and a Martini for me (Shaken, not stirred of course!).

We took a Sunday Drive up in the mountains past Paluma and walked in the 
final 500m in to see Birthday Creek Falls.

Naturally I did the boy thing and when they weren't looking, I jumped over the lazy log, ducked around the tree and scaled up the side of the falls to pop out at the top to surprise the girls.

The girls loved the falls and the chance to do some exploring in the rain forest.

It was amazing to see such a diverse array of plants growing in the coolness of the rain forest canopy.

We stopped at Little Crystal Creek swimming hole on the way back down the mountain. 
Next time it's really hot we'll head up here for a swim.

Last of all we stopped at the Frosty Mango for an ice-cream treat before the trip home.

It was great to have a break from the renovations, which is just as well as this week has been kitchen planning week for Kate, as well as some trim painting and getting some ceiling plastering repairs done in the laundry. Speaking of the latter, we shouldn't be too far off completing that and getting some 'after' pictures up to show you the end result.

Cheers, Col