About Us

Hmm… where do we begin?  Well basically we are just an ordinary couple with two extraordinary daughters (biased much?), a red cattle dog (site foreman and resident security system), and a prissy cat who thinks it rules the house totally rules the house!  After 11 years of moving around, (20 years for Col) we finally settled down in our adopted hometown in North Queensland.

Kate is British and Col is an Aussie, we met  15 years ago in Greece, we fell in love in Ireland and since then we have lived in 7 different houses in Australia and the US (our new project being the 8th!).  Our original aim was to write a simple blog that would help us document what is supposedly one of life’s most traumatic events… a home renovation !! We thought that writing a (hopefully) regular blog would help us to record and document our experiences (especially before and after photos so that important milestones don’t get missed), and also to keep all our news and updates in one easy to find web space for family and friends to follow.  As the majority of our family live a looooong way away from us, don't be shocked to see run of the mill family and kids stuff on here too! This blog has achieved all of that as we completed renovations of our post war Queenslander, and will now do the same as we have found our forever house just a 3 minute walk to the ocean.

Due to our, now past, nomadic lifestyle you can safely say we know our houses, we know what we like and we definitely know what we don’t like. Luckily we have pretty much the same taste so we never need to negotiate much on style. Assisting us in this renovation with design ideas is Daughter #1 (age 12), and daughter #2 (age 7) who will be the main source of entertainment!

We are also determined, as we make our way through this renovation, that our mantra will be to ‘keep calm & carry on'… our calendar in the kitchen for the last renovation served as a daily reminder of this (not to mention it tracks all our tradesmen appointments to help us keep calm in the first place).

So sit back, enjoy the sunshine, try not to trip over the paint pots, and follow us on our journey.

Cheers !!


If you were wondering why.. Sunshine and Paint Pots?? I guess it is mostly self explanatory but to expand on it a little....when we first arrived here it was hot, hot, hot!  Especially coming from the cold Eastern US winter we had just left.  So the sunshine part was a given.  As for the paint pots...they were literally all we saw for the first week of being here, so really putting it together was an obvious choice! 


  1. Finally checking out your blog! Looks great, hope the renos are going well. Looking forward to seeing your progress, good luck
    Al xx

  2. Thanks Al, keep an eye out this week for Part II of the small bathroom renovation. Cheers, Col