Monday 7 October 2013

Monday Slideshow (Oct #1)

It was a public holiday here today, so we were very close to having a day off from the blog (after all even the food stores were closed today here in the Ville - wtf is that about?) but at the last minute I decided to do a very quick M/S about the fly-by of the FA-18's today on The Strand (our seafront) here in Townsville. 
We had an appointment at 10 this morning, so we rushed through it so we could head down to the ocean to see the action at 10.30.  We are so glad we made it, it was AWESOME!!!  It was only one plane and it lasted for less than 10 minutes but OMG it was sooooo cool.  The guys that fly these machines are up in North Queensland on Exercise Black Dagger at present and so us Townsvillians were hugely lucky to be able to watch them perform a spectacular display.  In fact, it was so good we immediately cancelled our plans to drive north to a lovely little beach for the afternoon, and decided to have brunch and hang out at The Strand all arvo so we could see them again at 1.30pm.   Sasha found the noise wayyyy too loud, the poor little sensitive soul, and although she said she loved seeing it, the noise made her feel nauseous.  Poppy however...well, take a look for yourself...
She totally LOVED it.  This is the girl who used to cry and beg for us to move back to America on a weekly basis (currently it has lessened to about once a fortnight), she turned to us as the first fly-by had rumbled past, "Ok Mummy I love it here now, because of these planes, and after all I don't want to move back to America"  It was the cutest thing for us to hear.
It was a great, honestly great really doesn't cut it, an AMAZING display and we (and the thousands of others with their eyes-to-the-skies on The Strand this morning) loved it.  And it really did show, as the 4TOFM radio station so aptly states, ...The true magic of living in the Australian garrison city!
 Whooohey CHICKEN!!

We had a great 30 sec snippet of footage that Col had taken on his phone for you as well as my above pictures, but somehow his phone decided to crap it pants as we downloaded them to the laptop, and as much as I have tried to fix it I cannot get it to play.  So we have linked up here to the 4TO FM site and you can click on over to see a snippet that they have posted. Thanks 4TO!

And thanks goes to the airmen and women from 3 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force, for your time both today, and for your ongoing service to our fine country.

K xx

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