Tuesday 15 October 2013

Late Late Monday Slideshow...(Oct #2)

Ok, so there are two things wrong with the above statement...1) it's Tuesday and 2) it isn't a 'regular' slideshow...!

Truth be told, I completely forgot to do one yesterday and in all honesty had nothing for you anyway as we'd had a pretty relaxed week and weekend.  So while I was getting some admin sorted today...yawn!! I noticed Poppy nip off with my Nexus 7, she had been very quiet, so I poked my head around her bedroom door to see what she was up to.  She was taking heaps of pictures, she asked to use my phone as well, (the Nexus is great but it only has a front facing camera on it, so some shots are very hard to take).  So as a bit of fun for us and a whole heap of fun for her I decided she could be in charge of this weeks late Monday post in pictures...I told her she could take as many pictures as she wanted and I would make them into a blog post.  She was so excited and very decisive about what she wanted to shoot...so here it is, take it away Poppy Mae...

She was adamant the fan would be the first picture

Love this pic

Love it!


My dad made these bunk beds for me when I was a kid, now Poppy loves them too.

Finishing with one of her favourite dolly's from Uncle Dave (which incidentally, Tully, she decided she didn't like the name Clara and changed it to Sara! You know Poppy!) 

Awesome job Poppy, thank you for today's blog, it was a great perspective from a little person..

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