Monday 28 October 2013

Monday Slideshow (Oct #5)

OK so we are hopeless at keeping things together with this blog.  Last week I said I would blog about house projects and didn't.  Then the Friday Finance post didn't happen either, and today I didn't think I had anything for your in terms of a slideshow!!  Gahhhhhhh!  But then, maybe we do...
We went to Cairns at the weekend for Sasha's Irish Dancing, her last competition for the year, and unfortunately there was very little time for photography and/or sight seeing.  So my camera barely left it's bag.  I did try to take some decent shots of the nightlife while we were waiting for a firework display but a) the camera settings just weren't right - I am still learning and night time photography sans tripod with an SLR is like hell for me, I just can't get the settings right; and b) the firework display never eventuated.  Or that's what we thought, our hotel had told us it was 50K worth of fireworks at 9pm and we shouldn't miss it!!  After our dinner we rushed to the esplanade to get a decent seat and waited, and waited and waited til the kids were totally over it.  We got back to our hotel and asked about them...'oh no, the fireworks were at 8pm' Arrrghhhhh!!!!  We'd missed them!  The kids were not happy, and neither was I!
So all I can offer you is a miniature combined Friday Finance/Monday Slideshow, consisting of the few pictures I did take at the weekend plus this added finance tip...if your son or daughter ever comes home from school saying 'I'd like to start Irish Dancing" immediately talk to your financial advisor about some kind of trust fund to help pay for it over the next 10 or 15 years, it'll be worth it!!

This one's for you Mr Tully, even the arrow in the road points to your name!

Although it is a very stop/start kinda drive (60kph-80kph-100kph-80kph etc) it is also very picturesque.

We were lucky enough to have some points left at Hilton to get a free nights accommodation

Which they then kindly upgraded to a water view and spa room, they also gave us free breakfast which was an enormous buffet - loved it!

It was beautiful and we couldn't fault them - apart from the fireworks issue.

The girls made friends with the pool as soon as we arrived


My POOR attempt at night settings on my camera whilst talking to friends and watching the kids

They really are woeful, any tips from anyone about online DSLR courses and tutorials would be gratefully received

Of course if I'd had my tripod they would be infinitely better but I still need to learn about settings

Sasha received 3rd place in the Premiership part of the competition - a huge accomplishment.

She was one happy little girl!

Taken through the car window as we drove home, a gorgeous North Qld sunset to finish our weekend

Before she went to bed, there was just enough time for Sasha to make room for her new trophy and medal haul from the weekend. All teams and dancers did a wonderful job!

So there you have it - the slideshow you create when you don't think you have a slideshow to offer... Until next time!
K xx

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