Monday 21 October 2013

Monday Slideshow (Oct #4)

This one was a doozy, is picture heavy and has little need for words.  Apart from these; you will find this place at Kelso on Allambie Lane,  it's The Barra Fun Park

A great place for children's parties, this one was for 10 year olds and it was PERFECT.  Sasha is adamant she wants her birthday here next year, she totally loved it and is still talking about it 2 days later.  All we heard from the kids was how cool, amazing and AWESOME it was.  Being on a Barra Farm, they obviously have lots of ponds for fishing too, I've linked to their website here if you are in The Ville and want more details. 



The party after this one was mainly adults and I can tell you by the noise coming from them, that they were having as much fun as the kids!!

Hope to resume proper house blogging later this week!


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