Thursday 4 September 2014

Do you wanna build a snowman...

..and host a Frozen themed partyyyyyyy....
*(I have been a bit poorly recently and subsequently haven't done much with the blog.  So just to keep something moving along on here, I am posting a piece I've had drafted for a while now but hadn't got around to sharing...nothing to do with reno's but still a lot of fun...well, fun for me anyway!)

We recently held a birthday party for our Sasha (10),  she was long overdue having a decent party so we were adamant she would have whatever she wanted this year.  Even though she had lots of time to think about it she just couldn't decide what she wanted to do, but knew she would like a small group of 5 or so girls over to chill out and maybe watch a movie.  It got soooo close to the date with no theme picked out, so I picked for her...Frozen!  It was kind of a no brainer, she LOVES the movie (who doesn't??) so I couldn't really go wrong.  All our American readers may think this is 'old news' in blog circles as the Frozen phenomenon is probably well and truly over 'State Side' but even though the movie has been out for a while here the merchandise is still trickling through slowly so we are still very much in Frozen fever over here...or maybe it's just our house...LOL!!
I started looking around for different ideas to use and although lots of them were for much younger kids, like pin the nose on the Olaf etc. I thought we could use it as a theme, have the music playing, do a bit of craft and chill out and if they wanted to they could watch the movie if time permitted.  Unfortunately Australia is a little behind when it comes to Frozen merchandise.  Well at least up here in Townsville it was.  *(Since then Red Fox Party Shop has added heaps of Frozen items to it's store, including the napkins, plates and balloons etc).  In fact the lady at Spotlight seemed very put out when I asked about the possibility of buying Frozen items.  Literally huffing at me, "No we don't have Frozen merchandise you are the 8th person to ask about it this week!"  So I turned to the internet and crossed my fingers hoping whatever I ordered would arrive on time.  And mostly it did.  I ordered balloons, stickers, napkins and snowflake charms...mostly from eBay sellers.  The charms were coming from overseas and they were the only thing that didn't arrive on time, they came the following Monday, so I attached them to the 'Thank You' cards instead.
I searched Pinterest (best thing since sliced bread Google) and found soooooooo many ideas - there are some ridiculously talented and creative people out there!!  So I adapted some ideas and copied others to create a cute Frozen themed party.  I got asked a lot about the ideas and things I had used but never actually got around to answering everyone so thought I'd do this quick picture post with what we did and where to find it all.
Col always starts the day by giving a little bouquet of flowers to the birthday girl, they love it!
Melted snowman drinks
I purchased cheap blank white stickers from a dollar store and created my own label template in Word, with a bit of patience you can make just about anything.  I added a picture of Olaf and stuck them to mini water bottles for the drinks.
Re-cycled chocolate spread jars
We buy the Nutino brand of chocolate spread (personally I think putting chocolate on bread is disgusting but unfortunately both my kids like it and get it as an occasional treat, if Sasha had her way it would be her staple breakfast diet). It comes in little glass jars, so when they're finished we clean and keep the glasses to reuse them.   I added snowflake rub-on transfers from Lincraft, they come in so many designs you can literally up-cycle any glass for any occasion and they come off easily in the dishwasher afterwards.  I tied a blue ribbon to the top of each one cute, easy, cheap and recyclable.
Food labels printed at home on sparkly cardstock
I made up all sorts of names for the food, the possibilities are endless really.  You can find some great ideas online, but I made things like Hans' Humous, Snowballs on Sticks (marshmallows), Kristoff's Ketchup, Tzatiki Snow Dip etc.

I bought the napkins from eBay just to tie in the theme and colours, the plates were all just plain blues and whites from Spotlight.
Magenta and blue crepe paper tied through the backs of all chairs, was all that was needed to tie them in with the theme, simple, cheap and looked great!
Ombre door hanger
At 8 o'clock the night before the party, I was putting something in the pantry and found a bag of water balloons and suddenly had an idea for the front door.  Using a wire wreath form, (I bought these back from the states) I blew up tiny water bombs in the correct colours and using ribbons tied them onto the wire circle.  The result was this ombre-esk door hanger...very easy but also very effective, the kids loved it!
Simple...stickers bought online stuck to plain air-filled balloons attached to our front fence to show where the party was at.
We used a poster to cover an ice bucket for the drinks
Homemade stickers on cups

I printed out these cute as 'Keep Calm and Let It Go' graphics onto my dollar store labels, and stuck them to clear plastics cups.  I found the artwork here and I have since found Cory's Facebook page which is just adorable. All of Cory's paper dolls are free to download and print, those with creative kids will want to stock up on heavy weight paper and printer have been warned!
Sasha wanted a simple aqua ombre cake, I was so glad because they are so easy to make!

 I printed a picture and wording onto brown paper lunch sacks and filled them with a few goodies for the party bags.


Oooh shiny...
I used heaps of snowflake cut outs (cutters from Lincraft) and glitter - E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E!! (there was only one person not entirely impressed with this shiny addition...sorry Col).
Paper snowflakes
These were adorable, everyone knows how to make paper snowflakes but these little beauties are Olaf paper snowflakes, how very cool are they??! I used normal weight paper and used spray adhesive (so as not to bend any intricate parts) to cover them with, fun, fun!  Find them here

While we are on the subject of super cool snowflakes...check out the following two sites I stumbled across during my 'Frozen party ideas search' ....they will blow your mind!  Kit Cameo Art at OhMyDisney  and for any Star Wars fans, snowflakes by Antony Herrera
Can't beat a bit of candlelight.
I cut out stickers of the characters and attached them to more Nutino glasses and filled them with tea lights...these were super cute and we are still using them now, sad but true!
 Gorgeous Elsa and Anna double sided balloon
Finally I decorated the wall behind the food table with streamers and balloons.  I attached plain filled maroon, white and aqua balloons together with double sided tape to form an arch.  (Not the best solution as it fell apart quite quickly afterwards but luckily it stayed up for duration of the actual party) The huge Anna and Elsa balloon was bought online for about $12 and because I was hanging it from the ceiling I didn't need to fill it with helium, and it's still going strong now.  The numerals were ordered from eBay, these numbers are super expensive in stores, but these ones cost me $1 each with free delivery and again they are just air filled, so cheap and cheerful!

*Note - If purchasing online do make sure you are buying real Disney merchandise - all licensed Frozen items have the Disney Frozen logo on them.

All in all it was a great hit, the kids had fun.  They sang, they danced and they watched Frozen again (for the umpteenth time for most of them).  But that's the beauty of this film, it never really gets old.  We genuinely love the movie and all the songs that come with it.  Hey, we were smart - we bought them the soundtrack a week after they saw the movie, so they learnt ALL the songs, we weren't on a one-track-repeat of 'do you wanna build a snowman' in this house, no we never got bored of it.  

Most of all though Sasha absolutely loved her special day and that's what it was all about!