Friday 15 August 2014

Sunshine and Blog Stops

This week I have mostly been doing this.... (and on the phone) for hours every day with Blogger, domain hosts, online forums, running diagnostic name it, I have done it.  Desperately trying to sort out our intermittent blog issues. has been the most frustrating week for me, and still I have gotten nowhere.  So I just wanted to post a quick message to those who read this but don't have access to my FB page, which this week has been full of questions regarding why this blog is having intermittent issues.  We are still no closer to finding out why, both Blogger and our domain hosts are completely unwilling to tell us what the problem is, or offer help.  We originally thought it was just us having problems accessing 'the sunshine' but it seems not.  We have had reports from the UK and around Australia having troubles viewing it.  Anyone in America/Canada had or having issues??  Please let us know in comments, or email/FB.

This week has reminded me of an awesome episode from the great UK TV Show The IT Crowd....


So apologies, we are trying to get it up and running ok, so please bear with us.  Obviously if you are reading this now, it has worked just fine right this minute, but that's not to say it will again tomorrow, or later...stoopid blog!!  As I said it is intermittent and if you feel that way inclined please stick with us...and try again when it doesn't load in future. 


ps - a huge thanks go to my 'nocturnal' cousins in the UK who desperately tried helping the other day and gave sooooo much advice and talked me through ways to try and sort things, it was much appreciated and very helpful.


  1. glad that it is temporary working

  2. Yes Dawn, for now!! And thanks for your help the other day too!! ;) (Assuming this is the same Dawn)

  3. Touch wood Kate and her band of merry interweb blog helpers seem to have corrected these frustrating faults - no mean feat given the hours (read days) of work this has involved. Thanks everyone for your help.

    Cheers, Col