Wednesday 16 July 2014

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu...

...especially you, ol' house, on this our final walk through!

So settlement day has come and gone on our previous renovation project, and it's time to say farewell once and for all to our raised post war Queenslander, but not without giving you one final tour.

So here we have it, the final photos that were taken for the house sale...





We've also done some updates on the main pages at Sunshine and Paint Pots, so you can see the full progress of restoring this ol' girl, as well as get a house tour of our new abode out near the ocean.
Stay tuned for some more regular updates, as Kate will be blogging soon on our design ideas for the bathroom renovation, before bringing you up to speed on the demolition, the rough fit out, the tiling and then the final bathroom reveal. We're about 90% there with that project, and will be tidying that up to embark on the detailed planning for the main renovation, with an appointment booked soon with our builder to discuss plans, options and sustainability concepts in our overall design.
Cheers, Col
PS. Kinda wishing we had ironed those sheer curtains in the master bedroom, but oh well, we'll get over it ;-)

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