Monday 2 December 2013

Monday Slideshow Dec #1

Wooooah, how did it get to be December already???

I know everyone says it every year, but seriously soooo many friends have commented on how quickly this year has gone.  I cannot get over that we are in the final month of 2013 is insane! And so with it brings the usual silliness of the silly season, end of year school parties, end of year dance parties, end of year work parties, and last but not least the worst of the end-of-year-do's... the fare-welling of military friends who are posted out of this location...sob know who you are!
So our weekends are now full up and have been so for the last 2 weeks with 'stuff'' which has prevented us from going on any little trips out to discover new areas around us.  In fact this morning Poppy woke up, ran to our room and burst into tears.  We asked what on earth was wrong and she said, "It's Monday, and we never went on a Sunday drive yesterday, when it was Sunday, and that really upsets me because I sooooo wanted to go"  Bless her!

So after the school run we went for a walk with Red Dog down to Rowes Bay to have a play on the swings, and walk on the beach to collect shells.  She is in her element there and will miss it terribly in the new year when she is at school 5 days a week and can't come on our morning walks. 
*note - I only took my crappy 'when-I-grow-up-I-want-to-be-an-iphone' so the pictures are pretty rubbish but that's all I got folks!!

We often drive past the Nessie type creature, so Poppy was extremely pleased that she got to play with it today.

We welcomed much cooler weather today with a great breeze too.  It was glorious!

At home with nature, just like her sister.

National Servicemen's Memorial, (I didn't even know this was here).

It was so quiet out at Rowes Bay, Poppy got to walk Red on her own, which she totally loved.

His leg got caught up in the lead, and the more she tried to fix it the more he just walked on, it was so funny.  She ended up falling on her tush just after this shot!  A few seconds later an older gentlemen zoomed by on an electric scooter and said " what did you fall over for, that was silly"  Thank goodness he carried on going.  The look she gave him...OMG!! Let's put it this way, if looks could kill he would no longer be needing his mobility scooter!

Then she insisted she take her own pictures too...

"Keep walking Mum I'm getting an action shot" She is hilarious.  (I made her stand on the grass, I was convinced she would drop my phone and figured concrete was way too unforgiving - btw, she didn't drop it)

I love how there are work-out zones all through The Strand and out here at Rowes Bay - one day I might even use one of day!

Back to the start and just enough time for one more picture opportunity.

On the way back to the car we found this cute paver...I love that this pic has a happy dog and a pair of tiny feet in it too!

Last but not least I will leave you with my favourite picture of the day, I only wish it was taken on a decent camera.  This encapsulates our Poppy's carefree personality perfectly.  She was wandering along singing Aussie Jingle Bells at the top of her voice, waving her arms around while walking her best buddy Red Dog...with not a care in the world, too cute!

Have a great week people..

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