Wednesday 25 December 2013

As Xmas As...

... a wee swally !!

Traditions, they are a funny thing aren't they. Some have long term origins, and others are quirky family habits. But they all start somewhere, and why not start a few of your own to put a personal touch on the festive season.
Growing up my family used to spend Xmas day trekking round the countryside; breakfast and presents at home, lunch at Mum's side of the family with all the relatives, then dinner at Dad's side of the family with all the relatives. Boxing day was a bit of a lazy affair, mostly watching Day 1 of the boxing day test. On the flip side, Kate's family used to spend Xmas day at home, just on their own as a family for the day. Then on boxing day Kate's mum used to host a boxing day feast for all the relatives to visit and catch up. While I appreciate what we did as kids growing up on Xmas day, Kate and I have opted to make Xmas day a day at home with the girls, and to do our following up with friends on boxing day. So here's a quick snap shot at a few quirky things we do...

Xmas tunes with Mr Buble. It sets the mood and Kate says that Michael has such an amazing voice (whatever, I know what she's thinking!) But all jokes aside, we love his duet with Thalia where they sing 'Feliz Navidad'.

Jamie's Christmas - my mother in law got me this on DVD for Christmas in 2007 when I was in Afghanistan. We love it so much that we watch it on Xmas Eve or Xmas Day every year. Kate does a crackin` Xmas late lunch loosely modelled on this (personalised of course). Some years we go a little crazy and watch it twice, having Xmas in July!!
Xmas Books - I love books and most years Kate gets me a special book as her present to me (I have been known to drop the odd hint). It started with getting Jamie Durie's new book each Xmas, and then last year she got me Kevin McCloud's Grand Designs book. So what better way to mark our first Xmas back in Australia, than the new Grand Designs Australia book. Many ideas I am sure for our upcoming renovation by the sea in 2014...
Finally, Kate always does a little bit of baking or cooking for Xmas treats; however, not even I was prepared for her to announce at 10.45pm on Christmas Eve that she was making Snowmen Macarons...Why? Good question, I'm glad you asked. Because little Poppy doesn't like mince pies, so at 1am (now into Xmas Day), while I was finishing a wee swally, Kate had done the lion's share of work required to produce these:
Remember, Poppy doesn't like Mince Pies. But then this morning we captured this little gem of a 'crime in action'...
Maybe it's got something to do with the ingredients...!
Strangely enough, while Poppy seems to have the taste for Scotch Whiskey, her sister Sasha has a real sweet tooth. I wonder if this photographic evidence of her with 'Uncle Tom' many years ago might have something to do with that...
(Note: the above photo may or may not show a wee young lass trying to steal a Scotsman's rum)
Anyway, must dash, as Kate's famous Xmas feast is almost ready. Just a bottle of Penfold's to uncork, and then I can 'relax'. Feliz Navidad to you and yours :-)
Cheers, Col
PS. Thinking of celebrating 'Festivus' next year... any thoughts?


  1. What an awesome day. We have Christmas Day at home - it's a no travel day where the kids can play with their toys and Jason and I can have a drink or two. Hope you had a great Christmas! cheers! xx

  2. It was an awesome day - I even got to read some of the book in the evening! Hope you guys had a good xmas as well. Cheers, Col :-)