Monday 4 November 2013

Monday Slideshow (Nov #1)

Gee the weeks go feels like only yesterday that I was sitting here writing last weeks word time goes fast!  Last week was as busy as! It was filled with various different appointments and activities, Reef School, outings to the beach and a few pub lunches, including one well deserved mid-week lunch date with my boy. 
Poor Poppy had to endure hours of sitting and waiting for me in different places from banks to dentists!  I HATE going to the dentist and when you have to find new ones every 2 years it gets really monotonous going through the same history, new x-rays and forms and new ideas of what treatment* I need etc. - BORING!!  (*I have 2 baby teeth that don't have adult teeth under them so when they are gone, they are gone!  For the last 10 years dentists all over Australia have been trying to convince me to have them extracted and then have braces for the 2 years following to close the gaps.  And for 10 years I have been telling them to politely 'get stuffed'!)   The dental surgery I have found here in Townsville is the most bizarre I have ever come across!  At this stage the jury is out on whether I really, really like it or whether I really, really dislike it.  It is very posh, and trendy.  You are taken off into different relaxation rooms prior to your consult and offered chilled glasses of water, while soothing music is played all around.  In the waiting room there is a high table with bread, spreads and jams...(see below) and see those apples on the table? Each one has a 'Smile Dental' sticker attached to it.  The ultra violet mood-down-lighting in the corridor leads you off to the consult rooms.
They also have a cute little alfresco waiting area in the perfectly shaded courtyard too.  You are given a shot glass of freshly squeezed orange juice straight after your consult to help your mouth feel 'normal' again.  But despite all this poncy stuff, they were surprisingly kind, funny and helpful and I can't fault them in what they far!  I have my second consult this week, although from what I can tell all is well and I will not need anything done, I will just have to sit through the standard conversation that begins something like ....'now, we need to discuss those milk teeth....'  Yawn!
 Luckily Poppy did have a few distractions of her own this past week with Reef School doing a project on turtles.  So it wasn't all boring for her.

 Lucky T Turtle came down to play a few games with the Reef Kids
The turtle project coincides with the release of a turtle back into the water at Pallarenda last week.  Philip the turtle has spent a year and a half at Reef HQ recuperating so it was a huge event.  Unfortunately for us, the girls didn't get to see him swim away due to the sheer number of people there.  It was great for the cause but Poppy, especially, was devastated that she couldn't see him.  Luckily we had gone to see Philip the day before at the turtle hospital to say 'goodbye and good luck' to him with all the other Reef Kids.  Despite the sadness of not seeing Philip depart, it was all made better by the fact that it was another excuse to go down to Pallarenda Beach.  Our favourite beach and quite possibly our favourite suburb in Townsville.
One day we would like to live here, and although it will be quite a few years (if ever) that we can afford one of the beach front properties, even just being a street or two back from The Esplanade would be fabulous.  Check out this gorgeous house for sale right now on the seafront.  A tad (ha!) out of our price range, but the views of the ocean, Magnetic Island and of course The Hill are just beautiful...we all Pallarenda.
Halloween was very quiet for us this year, it was the first year I haven't decorated the house, and as Sasha was at dance class till gone 6pm on the night itself, by the time we were home and fed it was too late for us to contemplate finding an area suitable for trick or treating.  But we shall be all sorted next year, as Townsville seems to be slowly welcoming the idea behind the night of fun and festivities.   So all we had to show for it this year was a ridiculously expensive beautiful, big pumpkin carved and lit up to keep those pesky witches at bay!
Before we knew it the weekend was upon us yet again.  Col is still studying as soon as he gets home from work each night, so that he can have bit of a break from his books on Sunday's.  But this weekend we had jobs to get on with, both in our own house and also our investment property here in Townsville. So although he had Saturday arvo away from the books he was still working hard on other stuff!  Having a Queenslander as a rental can be difficult.  There is always something to do.  Luckily for us when we bought this property 11 years ago it had just gone through a fairly big reno so we have been very lucky, and touch wood, have not had any major issues. But things like sprinklers, fly screens, locks etc can be a pain in the butt.  Our tenant here is fabulous and happily lets us do any maintenance whenever we can fit it in, so that's super handy.

 This weekend it was the sprinkler system!  You can just see this one, in the centre of the picture, going skywards! 
After a trip to Bunnings, and Col getting a bit of a soaking, which was hilarious most unfortunate, we managed to change out all the dodgy heads and get it working perfectly again.

It's a cute little house, we loved living here.  It is amazingly well situated and catches all the sea breezes from diagonally across towards Ross Island. 
There is no air-con in this house and you really don't need it.  It captures every breeze.  If it were on a bigger block, we would have seriously considered building in underneath to double the space and adding a pool to make it our forever home, but the block is just too small for our needs, and of course we want to be that bit closer to the sea.
  Next time I think we will be there for a little bit of a clean up of the beautiful, huge mango tree, and the vines that are making themselves at home on our shed and fence line.
So that's all for this Monday, I am aiming to publish an update on the last reno project we did, later this week.  The carport!  Not a pretty post but a post none the less.  Here is a re-cap of what it looked like before....

Nice huh!?  I am actually shuddering just looking at it!
As always, thanks for reading and have a great week y'all!

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