Monday 25 November 2013

Monday 'one pic' Slideshow (Nov #3)

You may think a one photo slideshow is a bit of a cop out, but this one photo means more to me than 100 shots of almost any other subject matter ever could.

This photo, in the past, meant my boy was packing his bags for another trip overseas to Afghanistan or Iraq.

This photo, in the past, meant I was about to lose my sh*t in an airport lounge, while trying not to let my kids see my tears.

This photo, in the past, meant my children were about to say goodbye to their dad for 6 months...again.
But not today!
Today this photo means none of us will ever be doing any of that again, E.V.E.R!!
His bags are indeed packed, but they have been packed for the very last time.  And this week all this 'kit' will be happily freaking ecstatically dropped off to the military base Q-store and I can tell you, I am quietly jumping for joy!
Have a great week everyone, we sure will!

K xx

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