Sunday 28 July 2013

Sunday Slideshow..

..the series.

As we I have found it increasingly hard recently to find time to write posts, Col decided we should keep up the Sunday Slideshow that he began a few weeks ago.  (You can find the first one here) It will mean that even if we haven't had time to write a full post, we will at least have an easy 'picture post' to publish each weekend.  Sunday's are and always have been a family day for us.  We try not to do any housework or reno's on Sundays and 9 out of 10 times we have a drive with the kids (and sometimes our dog) to discover new places, visit the beach or go on a family picnic.  So it will be an easy post to write and hopefully we shall get some consistency going on this lil blog of ours.

This weekend was no exception, we packed a picnic lunch and headed off to discover 2 of the 3 botanical gardens that we are lucky enough to have here in the Ville.  First stop was the Queens Gardens in the heart of Townsville City to get some inspiration for our next project - our rather large landscaping task.  It sits at the foot of Castle Hill with the 'Saint' having a perfect view down through the 4 hectares of cool tropical colonial gardens.   For more information visit the city council website here

*apologies for the not-so-crash pictures, they were all taken on my camera phone this bad

Castle Hill is more than just a pink us it means we're 'home'

In our picnic area the grass was covered in these bright pink blooms, like a carpet, the picture doesn't do it justice at all

The white and pink blossoms on the trees were just divine

The rose garden was Poppy's favourite, she went back twice to smell the roses

The fragrance on this one was beautiful.

The fowl houses in the gardens were a nice surprise, especially the peacocks and cockatoo's

This little fella had our two in stitches saying hello and whistling at us. 

I loved this... like a giant spider plant

The gardens are just beautiful and surprisingly cool even though it was 27C today

By the time we left, all the clouds that were in the sky at the start (see top pic) were gone and it was back to that bright blue tropical sky we know and love here in North Queensland.

Next we jumped in the car and headed out to the Palmetum, we had one main reason to come see the turtles.  When we were in America we had told the girls all about the palm gardens and the turtles that live there under the bridge.  We hoped they would still be there, it has been years since we had visited.  They were still there but only a few and unfortunately we didn't manage to get any pictures..

As we walked through the gardens you could hear the huge bat colony that have taken up residence in the enormous trees covering the gardens

The size of the palm fronds on this plant were unbelievable

I love this picture..the palm and fern shadows that pave your way through the gardens

When we got home Sasha immediately scurried off to her art and crafts cave under the house.  She was punching heart shaped holes in blades of grass, to make some kind of natural/modern art collage...gee that kid's creative mind astounds me at times
So that's it, our Sunday in a slideshow. I am hoping to have the master bath post up and running by the end of the week so until then... so long!

K x


  1. Wow! What a beautiful day! You've inspired me to get out and explore more of our own city as a family. I look forward to joining you for more Sunday night slide shows. :)

    1. It's lots of fun being a tourist in your own town and spending the day as a family - we are big fans of the Sunday Drive. Welcome aboard and enjoy the slide shows!

      Cheers, Col