Sunday 14 July 2013

Sunday Slideshow...

... because we've been too busy to write, which as we've come to realise is the hardest part of maintaining a blog. But then again, sometimes life has to take priority over documenting it ;o)

We have been busy with 'winter' school holidays (he said laughing when every day is in the mid-20's - that's the mid-70's for my Fahrenheit friends stateside), plenty of study for me cramming for two post grad exams scheduled on the same day (thanks exam scheduler), a little bit of sawing, hammering and painting, plus the odd local excursion to the seaside and the outback, not to mention the usual social activities that everyday life throws up. So with the mantra of 'a picture is worth a thousand words' let the Sunday Slideshow begin...

Castle Hill looking out to Cape Pallarenda (on left) and Magnetic Island (on right)

Victoria Bridge on the Ross Creek looking towards Townsville City

Castle Hill looking down over the Townsville 400 Race Track for the V8 Supercars

Lunch Date with Girls at 'Betty Blue & the Lemon Tart'
'Old Glory' getting a run on Independence Day
Daddy Daughter Date at 'Sugatrain' on Palmer St

A couple of American 'bevvies' on Independence Day
with a touch of class added by my Fenway Park Centenary ball I picked up in Boston last year

Kate's amazing layered cake she made for 4th of July Celebrations.
That's the American flag inside the cake !!

Multiple projects on the go with resident apprentice and site foreman keeping tabs!

Evolution of the boundary fence landscaping.
The many places I study - Townsville Library - Study downstairs - Study upstairs.
Curse the library for moving architecture & home design books into my study nook at the library!!

Snack dinner - a family favourite.
It wouldn't be the same without one of "Uncle Dave's" famous peach bellinis !!

Fun and frivolity with the girls at South Townsville Beach

Just another day in paradise (in winter) and the girls are in the pool.
Tell me, does it get any better than this?!

Kate's shot of the super moon - it was amazing to see.

Our dream for the future... *sigh*

Hope everyone's having a great weekend; live life, have fun :o)

Cheers, Col 


  1. Ahh yes - you've gotta love Winter in Queensland! xx

    1. Absolutely Caroline - it got so cold recently (about 19c I think) that I had to go into the storage under the house and find one of the small portable oil heaters !! lol

      Cheers, col