Friday 5 July 2013

Sun shines ON the paint pot...

So this is just a quick filler post from a small project the other day. I had just finished sanding the old overhead cupboard unit that is going to go in the mudroom under the house (currently under construction), and trust me, it is waaaaaaaaay easier to paint the base coat before putting the cupboard up.

Anyway, just as I started painting Sasha asked me if she could have a go at the painting and I thought why not? So a couple of quick tips and she was away. Obvious proud dad moment, so I whipped out the mobile phone for an obligatory happy snap (I didn't get the main camera because Kate says my pictures are rubbish), and took two rapid fire shots before putting the phone back in my pocket and carrying on.

Thought nothing of it until I downloaded some pictures last night, saw the pictures I took and immediately thought "Oh my giddy aunt, if that isn't an 'International Photography Award' worthy photo I don't know what is!"

So check out the sheer fluke shot of the sunshine ON the pain pot, and then look at our blog name... freaky or what?!

Cheers, Col


  1. Ha! Well done Col. (And I know what you mean about taking photos - mine are still very hit and miss.) xx

  2. Thanks Caroline, and welcome aboard !!