Sunday 7 April 2013

A post about nothing...


We have had a week of... jobs taking longer to complete, long days due to school holidays, getting ready for overseas visitors, and very poorly children in this little house.  So we feel like we haven't achieved much.  Col will no doubt disagree as he has been very busy with Nick-Nack our fab chippie, who has been teaching him 'this and that' in the way of custom joinery and table saw skills. 

(Yes he really works fact he left his thongs (flip-flops) here all weekend this time, they still sit at our front door now!)

So I guess I'm the one who feels like I haven't achieved much..apart from caring for our little girls and of course success in our mammoth garage sale on Saturday!

As I haven't had the time to write, edit, photograph, or publish anything in particular this week, I thought I'd just do a small picture post of places we have been and things we have seen in the very few days we have had off since we've been back...a mini showcase of the city, surf and countryside we call home. 


Beach fun

(She continued that line across the entire sand bar)

Water park fun

Countryside fun

We shall hopefully have a nice, new, shiny post next week showing the start of our bathroom reno..stay tuned! 


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