Saturday 11 April 2015

Approved !!

Crack the bubbly - the wheels are finally in motion after receiving the following in relation to preliminary design plans...

One year - I want to be done in 5 months (yep -that's our actual hard timeline)!

The main reason for the preliminary approvals prior to finalising the working drawings was to get the relaxations required for the set backs associated with the proposed carport. If they didn't get approved, then it would literally have been 'back to the drawing board'. I must say the 'Approved Subject To Conditions' stamp on the plans is very exciting to see!

So now that the above structure is approved we can finalise the working drawings for the builder and tradies, and then get our builder locked in and a 'development permit building works' application submitted for approval. In the interim Kate is arranging the works to change out the dining room window for a stacker door, so that the final measurements can be done for the new kitchen to be fitted.

Cheers, Col

PS. Remember subject to conditions? Here's one of them below... 

Yes Council - I agree not to occupy the carport for human habitation !! lol

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