Tuesday 10 June 2014

Location Trumps History...

...otherwise known as how we ended up going from the desired ideal of a historic high-set Queenslander to a more modern, low-set, masonry block home.

Let me explain, you may remember on our FAQ page we said this about our previous reno:
"Is This Your Dream House?"
"Nope! We call it the learning house, where we are learning all the tricks and validating our tradesmen, so that we are ready to move quickly when we spot our dream house. While we now live a mere 5 minute drive to the ocean, we would rather be a 5 minute walk, and live in an historic Queenslander (this one is a post-war Queenslander), preferably with a sea view :o)"
Well the best laid plans of mice and men sometimes go awry. In amongst doing those early renovations, we knew that the post war Queenslander we were renovating wouldn't be our forever home, within a few weeks of being back in Townsville we knew we somehow had to live closer to the beach. As a result we ended up going to the odd open home (very dangerous), and also looking at new builds in local display villages to see what our options were.
It soon became very apparent that price would be a significant factor in buying closer to the beach, (our sea-view would have to wait) and looking for the worst house in the best street might be a contributing factor to getting a foot on the ground in one of our three desired suburbs. Not that this worried us, we know what can be achieved with sound design ideas and a little bit of elbow grease.  We visited a couple of display homes that we really liked and immediately remembered a house in our favourite suburb that had been for sale on and off for a while.  We had been through and looked at this place and knew that while suffering from an extended period of neglect, it had great bones that could be renovated to give us what the display homes offered but in a great seaside location. (You can see the two show homes we really loved on the following links for the Machan 247 by Jazz Homes and the Magnetic 14 by Grady Homes).
And that's how we ended up buying our forever home and changing our ideals slightly, because location always wins when you can walk out your front door and three minutes later be standing on the beach taking in this view...
You may have seen a couple of people being interviewed on a certain Channel 7 reality TV home renovation show recently with this as the backdrop, but more on that another time... for now let us introduce you all to what is our forever home, our little cabin by the sea, and what has been consuming much of our time recently and preventing us from sharing more regular blog updates.  Don't get too excited, we know it's not that appealing to look at just yet...but already it is beginning to evolve on the inside into the home we have always wanted...



So there you have it, and this marks the beginning of our next journey, which we look forward to sharing with you. Hopefully after some more hard work we'll end up with something a little more like this in our seaside paradise.

Cheers, Col

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