Tuesday 6 May 2014

Home... at last !!

As you know, or may have noticed, we seem to have dropped off the face of the blogosphere again - doh!
But not without good reason. We have been sooooo busy getting house #1 ready for sale and giving House #2 a quick tart up in the form of a new bathroom and toilet, not to mention we had to paint the walls and ceilings before we moved in, which then led to a decision to put down new carpet in the bedrooms... renovations, you know how it goes.
But even that simple paragraph underestimates the amount of work we had ahead of us, what we have done, and what still lies ahead. But more importantly, we're in the new house at last, as the following snap shot testifies...
It's been an exceptionally busy period of work, and we couldn't have gotten moved in and a wide range of jobs done over a number of weeks without the invaluable support of friends who chipped in. Thanks guys - you know who you are!
Hopefully we can get back to the relative 'normality' of smaller renovation projects and regular blog posts as we embark on renovation #2, after a decent mini-break for us because we all feel like we need a holiday after the last couple of months.
Cheers, Col


  1. Nice to hear from you guys! I understand how busy you must be. Looking forward to following your new project. :-)

  2. Thanks Mum E - hope you have settled into your home now and are enjoying the benefits of your renovation !

    Cheers, Col

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