Sunday 11 August 2013

Sunday Slideshow (Aug#2)

Today's slideshow is brought to you from the beautiful Magnetic Island.  A place we fall in love with all-over-again every time we visit.  We were lucky enough to have friends looking after our children for the night (thanks Lynnie) so we could spend the evening over on the Island celebrating our cousins 50th birthday.  It was an awesome night full of fun, laughter, great music, wonderful food (well done Jennie it was all amazing) and fabulous company.  The party was held in an amazing house called Nahmahlu a luxury villa available for rent just a short walk from the ferry terminal.  It is built on a hill and spans 6 levels with the house itself being built around the huge original boulders that make up the hillside.  It really is an exquisite house and the perfect place for a party or get together.  Check it out here.
We headed over on the Sealink Ferry, along with many others who were also heading to the party
We managed to sneak in a cheeky vino at Peppers Blue on Blue before heading up to Nahmahlu

When we arrived at the house our cousins told us to knock ourselves out and explore the entire place. The house has magnificent views, surrounded by trees and nature.
We were greeted by a group of rock wallabies hopping around the driveway...too cute!
From the driveway looking up to the pool area
One of the many wonderful seating areas
Such a wonderful mix of different seating options, textures and styles
One of the incredibly huge boulders that the house is built around. It is amazing, words and photos cannot do justice to how well they have integrated the house into its surroundings.
The owners obviously have a fancy for guitars and country music. Col thought the signed fiddle from the Charlie Daniels Band was AWESOME!!
Side view of the house and one of the many Balinese inspired statues
Beautiful exposed beams, which according to their website were sourced from an abandoned WWII establishment.
The endless decks and outdoor living areas were divine
As the moon came out, the lights in and around the property switched on and transformed it into a tranquil, relaxing, tropical paradise....

All in all it was a fantastic night. We caught up with old friends and family, met some wonderful new friends, and fell in love with the island all over again. Our forever house is quite possibly somewhere on this island, every time we visit we end up discussing living there.  But that is likely to be after the girls finish high school. Till then, we'll live the Queensland tropical life over on the mainland...knowing that with just 20 minutes and a ferry ticket we can be back in paradise.



  1. Wow! You certainly are blessed to have this paradise on your doorstep!

    1. We certainly are! Hope you are enjoying our local travels on the Sunday Slideshow :o)

      Cheers, Col