Tuesday 26 March 2013

Don’t waste time sitting on the fence…

… knock it down, rebuild it, and make some friends in the process :o)

One of the jobs we absolutely HAD to get done before arriving back in Australia from the USA was to have a new boundary fence put up on the eastern side of the property.  The existing wire fence was unsuitable for our needs, not only was it particularly ugly (see pic below) but it was also way too ‘open’ for our liking.  Sometimes you need a little bit more of a’ barrier’ between neighbours (no matter how friendly you are with them) for privacy on both sides and also in our case to keep our dog Red from yapping at the fence at every slight movement next door.

To top it all off we didn’t want to pay for it all!  Which is where things either go really, really well or you draw a blank…Luckily for us, when we finally managed to get in touch with the owners of the adjoining property, they wholeheartedly agreed that the fence needed to be upgraded and were also happy to foot half the cost of getting it installed. Yayy us!!  Yayy them!!  After a little liaison via email between us, them and a fencing contractor, we were able to agree on the style of fence, timeline to complete, and a few smaller details on design. Due to some delays with wet weather, the actual construction didn’t start until two days before we flew home, but thankfully it was completed the day before we arrived. And it looks awesome…see?!

Not only have we all got a much better outlook, but it also broke the ice between us and our neighbours.  It seems to be increasingly harder when you move to a new neighborhood to make friends with your fellow street dwellers.   People tend to keep to themselves much more nowadays than in the past.  But I plan to change that, just like when I moved to Townsville last time…but that’s another story!

PS - We are still playing catch up with these backdated posts, we thought we would be able to knock a few out each night or two…but alas in all reality we are spending so much time working on the actual renovations, that the recording of our progress (on here) tends to fall by the wayside. But we are trying to catch up, please stick with us….

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