Sunday 19 February 2017

Reusing, Re-purposing, Recycling

I've been doing a bit of a clean up and getting some long overdue jobs done, which involved taking to the dump some leftover building and construction items from when we built in the front garage, and re-purposing some items we had kept. While doing this I rediscovered (hiding behind the garden shed), two steel screens that were from either side of the garage (that had been put there by the previous owner), which I had salvaged at the time from the builders dumpster. 

The builder's removing one of the white metal screens
I knew I wanted to use these somehow in our landscaping, and it was only recently while sitting by the pool having a 'sundowner', that I knew exactly how these could be best re-purposed...

The small garden shed at the back of the yard - screaming out to be screened!

It's been a while since doing a blog post so, I forgot to take photos of your's truly constructing the screen, which would re-purpose the old metal screens from the garage...

The resident chickens scouring the job site looking for left over morning tea...

The old white screens have been resprayed black, and old timber from the dump recycle shop has been added, to fill in some gaps and allow plants to climb up.

The top piece of recycled timber had an old metal bracket and bolts affixed,
which came in handy for hanging the garden bird feeder from.

That's about it for now, another job ticked off the never ending to do list...

Cheers, Col

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