Saturday 1 October 2016

Side-scaping is nearly done...

Did this work a few weeks ago but just haven't got around to doing an update. But the side-scaping is nearly done as you can follow below - getting closer to my goal of being able to simply sweep the path and water the plants! 

Putting down some pavers on the front boundry to keep weeds out
 and make whipper-snipping easier. 

Pavers going down

Bedding the pavers in...

 Quick trip to McCahills to get some more bluestone
(can't recommend these guys more highly for service and value for money)

Putting down pavers for the two wheely bins (general waste & recycling)

Glad to finally get these gardenias in, 
which have been in pots for the last two years waiting...

 Slowly coming together - doesn't take long to shovel all that stone...

Strelitzia Nicolai - will provide some privacy
 and greenery outside our Master Bedroom window

Almost done...

Just the pergola to go up now and this side is done!

Gotta keep getting these jobs done - most big jobs are done and it's now down to both of us knocking off the smaller jobs one by one as we have/make time.

Cheers, Col

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