Monday 1 December 2014

Building the Shed - Update # 2

Sometimes it feels like you're getting nowhere fast when renovating... and then it all starts to come together at the same time. This week we've had a new pool pump installed, new LED lights installed in three of the four bedrooms, two new Solarstar roof vents have been installed, the new hot water system has been installed, and we even managed to find some replacement floor tiles for the laundry (now that is a story that deserves its own blog post in due course as we progress through the laundry renovation). 

Even better, I managed to score two slabs this week, both of which managed to put a smile on my dial :-) The first slab was a reward for taking the old hot water system and copper piping to the metal merchant, who gave me enough gold coins to stop in at the Bottle'O on the way home and grab a slab of XXXX Summer Lager - who says renovating is not without its rewards.

But even better than that, was finding out on Friday arvo that a second slab was only a few days away, with the form work for the shed's slab to go down on Monday, with the concrete to be laid Tuesday. How very cool to come home today and see the slab for the shed ready for a pour tomorrow... sweeeeet!!

It's been a long time since I've been this excited about a concrete pour !! Best of all it will be done by the time I get home and then it's a short wait for the slab to cure and the shed goes up the following Monday.

Cheers, Col

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